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Next Webinar

Risk Management- Not just for a Crisis?

Wednesday 28th October 2020

David Braziel Technical Director, Decision Time

This webinar is being delivered by David Braziel. David is the technical director of Decision Time. Decision Time provide integrated Governance, Risk and Goal software that transforms the way your team makes decisions. David will be discussing how to introduce an integrated solution to help you manage risk in this new, complex environment.

About this Webinar:

As the world continues to grapple with COVID-19, and we move into the next phase of the crisis, the importance of Risk Management has never been more apparent. The pandemic has brought new risks to our attention, increased the complexity of our operating environments and thoroughly tested our existing risk management frameworks.

The complexity of delivering organisational objectives is increasing steadily, and in times of crisis, that complexity increases even more sharply, requiring us to think of new ways of working.

The visibility of our organisations has also increased, leading to greater scrutiny, external regulation and more oversight than ever before. All of this is driving a change in how Risks are captured, managed and reported.

Dealing with these requirements and constraints can be a headache for Risk Management teams in all sizes of organisations. The key to meeting these challenges is to have a flexible approach, the right tools in place and expert support on hand to react and respond quickly.

Customers who already use our Decision Time product to manage risk have reported considerable benefits, including the time saved preparing for quarterly meetings, the ease and security around distributing information instantly and the support and advice that our team can provide.

Date: Wednesday 28th October 2020
Time: 13:00 – 14:00
Venue: Zoom
Cost: Free


About the Corporate Governance Institute

Created and delivered by board directors for board directors, the Diploma in Corporate Governance provides access to the latest thinking and methodologies being used at the world’s most admired boards.

If you are new to the world of boards, the Diploma in Corporate Governance is the most direct route to becoming an efficient and effective board director. Our programme is backed by an experienced team of governance professionals who will help you to learn what you need to know so that you can make a positive impact in the boardroom and on the business.

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All our courses are university credit-rated and therefore recognised wherever you go. This guarantees the highest levels of academic rigour, leading to the highest levels of excellence, and gives you authentic, globally-recognised qualifications.

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Our Governance Advisory Council (GAC) includes global leaders across a range of industries, each with a huge amount of boardroom experience. The role of the GAC is to help shape the development of our courses, ensuring they are current, relevant and focused on the skills most needed by you to succeed in the boardroom.