Diploma in Corporate Governance

36 Hours Online Over 3 Months

1 Evening Per Week
18.30-21:30 Each Week
10 Weeks

100% Online

This course is delivered 100% online* including videos, case studies discussions and support.

MCQ Based

Assessed using robust examination processes, through either Multiple Choice Questions or Scenario Assessment.

* Note: Diploma in Corporate Governance will be delivered live online, via Zoom. Classes are 18:00-21:00 GMT (with plenty of breaks and discussions). For a comprehensive breakdown of what is covered in each session, see Modules (below) or download the brochure.

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What you’ll learn?

Diploma in Corporate Governance


3 Months


5-6 Hours Per Week




100% Online

Members of our Governance Advisory Council have worked on the Boards of:

Why this Diploma in Corporate Governance?


This Certification brings credibility to what you have achieved to date, giving you greater confidence to be a voice of authority.


This Diploma in Corporate Governance Certification demonstrates your competence and ambition to current and future employers.


Your expertise will be acknowledged, giving you the opportunity to pursue your career as a corporate governance professional.

Created and delivered by board directors for board directors, this Diploma in Corporate Governance provides you with access to the latest thinking and methodologies being used at the world’s most admired boards.

Whether you are an experienced director or you are new to the world of boards, the Diploma in Corporate Governance is the most direct route to becoming an effective board director. Our experienced team of professionals clearly explain what is required to identify and fulfil your role and how you can make a positive impact on the organisation.

Our courses are always up to date, keeping you relevant.

Setting the Standard in Corporate Governance Education & Certification

Learning Outcomes

  • You will clearly understand how boards work and how you can take part in the Board Structures.
  • You will understand how the various committees operate, which committees should be in place and how they enhance the smooth operation of a Board.
  • You will be familiar with the skills and expertise that a board director needs to know to do their job in an effective manner.
  • We will give you the tools and confidence to make an impact in the boardroom.
  • You will be introduced to the various Reporting tools that you should be using in your role as a director.
  • You will be introduced to the ongoing and changing Ethical issues and how they apply to a modern Board.
  • You will clearly understand the nature and effect that culture – good and bad – can have on an organisation. You will also understand how you can influence and shape the culture.
  • On completion of this Diploma, you will be in a stronger position to evaluate the various Risks facing an organisation and how you, as a director on the board, can mitigate these risks.
  • We will provide you with the skills to Evaluate a Board, for instance if you are thinking of joining it.
  • The road to being a Non Executive Director should be carefully planned. We will help you to formulate such a plan, putting you on the road to becoming a successful NED.

Why Learn With Corporate Governance Institute?

We have designed the best possible learning experience for you, bringing together some of the leading boardroom practitioners from across the globe.  Our syllabus is both modern and unrivalled.  Your learning methods include

Videos & Case Studies

Learn from some of the best practicing directors, who share their experiences and learnings for you. The case studies are real-world, which you can bring into your world.


In addition to the videos and case studies, we deliver world-class monthly updates to our members and learners. These webinars provide the real-world challenges that you can learn from.


Your programme is completely structure to maximise your learning outcomes, with full support form both peers and lecturers.

What you Will Learn
(Module by Module)

This Diploma in Corporate Governance is university credit-rated and validated by our Governance Advisory Council. The syllabus is steeped in rigorous pedagogy and, as such, contains everything that you need to know to become a modern company director.

Module 1

Introduction to Corporate Governance

This module provides a clear and concise overview of the world of corporate governance, its development and its importance to the modern business landscape.

It provides you with a broad understanding of the complexity of corporate governance and why it is vital for the success of all organisations, irrespective of size and sector.

Module 2

Governance Architecture

The governance of every organisation is unique, given its heritage, culture and the sector in which it operates.

This module will ensure that you are positioned to develop the appropriate governance structures as your organisation grows, providing pointers as to when and what frameworks need to be put into place for success.

It will help you in understanding all the moving parts and how they fit together

Module 3

The Company Director

The role of company director can be rewarding and onerous in equal measure.

It is a role that requires professional commitment due to its significant corporate and fiscal responsibilities.

We will take you through all you need to know to be a director so that you can make a real impact.

Module 4

Corporate Culture

The culture of an organisation is shaped by the board along with the executive team. This module explains the importance of aligning the culture of the board with the
organisation and its strategy.

Underpinning the organisation culture, the board needs to set out its stall on the supporting ethical framework to guide the behaviours of directors and staff.

Module 5

The Governance Handbook

Once the governance framework is in place, the board then decides how the board will operate and the appropriate policies and processes required to make it work on a day to day basis.

These policies, procedures and strategies differ by industry. All these will form part of the Board Governance Handbook, the rulebook for directors.

Module 6


Reliable and accurate performance reporting is critical for directors to make informed, evidence based decisions. This module clearly explains in detail, the information and supporting processes that directors need in order to perform efficiently.

We also provide a number of reporting formats for directors to understand what best in class and user friendly fashion reporting looks like.

Module 7

Financial Matters

All directors should be able to read and understand management accounts and financial statements.

This module will help to interpret financial statements.

You will learn how to identify and critique the relevant areas of the financial statements that relate to company operations.

Module 8


The world is now operating in a much more complex risk environment, for both the company and you as a director. This is in addition to the normal risks that any organisation faces.

This module ensures that you, as a director, are in a position to provide the appropriate oversight of risk around the boardroom table and to be able to ask intelligent questions.

Module 9

Evaluating performance

The systematic and ongoing evaluation of the performance of the board, the individual directors and the CEO are vital to improving governance.

Regulated entities such as financial institutions, charities, state funded and healthcare organisations, require these to be done on a regular basis.

This module clearly explains how to initiate and implement an evaluation of a board on an internal or external basis.

Module 10

The Non Executive Director (NED)

The road to becoming a successful Non Executive Director (NED) needs to be carefully planned.

This module will help you to formulate, in a systematic manner, your own personal plan for a career as a director of NED.

The sooner you think about his the better. This module will start you on the process of accelerating your NED career.

Case Studies

Real World Challenges

Each of the faculty members is an experienced director. With that, they bring real-world, practical case studies to each lecture. Throughout the course, you will be introduced, as an individual and within a team environment, to a range of challenging boardroom scenarios, where you become the director who has to solve the problem.

These case studies will help you as you progress you career as a NED


Multiple Choice Assessment

The Diploma in Corporate Governance is assessed using an online exam, administered via secure computer-based assessment system. Candidates are required to respond to a range of online assessment questions based on the programme modules, in order to demonstrate their knowledge, critical understanding and skills they have developed as part of the Diploma programme.

Download the Course Brochure for a more detailed Syllabus Description

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