Diploma in Corporate Governance and EdTech

One of the primary drivers for the creation of the Corporate Governance Institute is the lack of globally recognised standards within the boardroom and amongst directors in general.  So, we created a Diploma in Corporate Governance in an effort to alleviate this problem.  We are starting the process of “codifying” what it means to be a modern director.  

While other eminent colleges and universities offer various courses and programmes in corporate governance, none appear to have a global view on bringing a standard to the boardrooms. These institutions include UCDHarvardStanford and so on.

Another driver is the more recent adoption of EdTech as a method of learning.  With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in creating and scaling online education businesses, we believe that now is the time to bring this same high-quality education to the boardroom.

We recently came across a report by Credit Suisse that discusses the current and ongoing state of the EdTech sector, and how all education is changing as a result of developments in the sector. We are sharing this report here and you can also visit Credit Suisse directly for more information about their thoughts on education.

The executive summary of the report states: 

Education Technology (EdTech) has existed for two decades and promised great things. However, it is only recently starting to live up to that promise. While education has been a passport to prosperity for billions of people, the primary method of delivery hasn’t fundamentally changed in thousands of years and the sector has been slow to adopt new technology. 

Download the report here

Find out more about the Diploma in Corporate Governance here.

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